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    How to create a log entry for missed evaluation session

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    Enter your Pearson Online Classroom username and password, and then select "Log In"
    Click on the three dots at the top of the menu and select "User Manager"
    Enter student's name or ID number in the Search Text field and select "Search"
    Click the log icon to open the student's log
    Click the button "Create Log Entry"
    Click the System dropdown menu and select "Student"
    Adjust the date and/or time if needed
    Click the Contact Type dropdown menu. Select one of the following: LiveLesson - Did Not Attend LiveLesson - Did Not Attend (Required) Face to Face - Did Not Attend
    Click the Contactees menu and select the student's name
    Click on Areas and Categories and select "Special Education"
    Within the dropdown menu, select Evaluation/re-evaluation documentation.
    Enter a comment in the comment section regarding the student's absence. Please specify the type of evaluation scheduled (ex: virtual psychological evaluation) and any helpful details (ex: family was a "no show" after previously confirming availability, or parent cancelled with less than 24 hours notice). Select "Save and Finish"
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