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    How to create a saved filter view in HubSpot

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    Using filters in HubSpot helps you to see how many contacts, companies, deals, tickets, or prospects fit specific criteria quickly, without creating and waiting on lists.
    Navigate to your HubSpot account
    Navigate to "Contacts" in the menu
    Tip! You can also do this with companies, deals, tickets, or prospects.
    Select "More filters"
    Tip! You can search for any property you want to filter by in the step below. In this example, we'll search for contacts from a specific company.
    Search and click on "Associated company"
    Click "Search companies"
    Type "Uber"
    Click "Uber ("
    Click "Apply filter"
    Click "Close"
    Click "Save view"
    Click "Save as new"
    Type in filter name, in this case, "Uber Contacts"
    Select who to share the view with, in this case, "Private"
    Click "Save"
    Click "Uber Contacts"
    Click "Pin view to keep open"
    That's all there is to it! Now, create as many custom views as you need to keep things moving with HubSpot.
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