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    How to create and edit a SharePoint page

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      How to Create a Sharepoint Page

      Navigate to your SharePoint account
      Navigate to the SharePoint site to which you want to add a new page
      Click "+ New"
      Click "Page"
      Select a template to create your page, or choose a blank template
      Click "Create page"

      How to Customize a Sharepoint Page

      Click the "Add a name" field and add a title for your new page
      You may edit or delete existing content blocks in the page template
      Customize the content blocks of your page template
      Click on the pen icon customize the layout of a block
      Customize the title area by choosing a layout and alignment
      Click the plus icon on left side of your page to add a new block
      Choose the layout for your new content block
      Click "Edit section"
      Click on the + icon to add a new web part in your new content block
      Choose the type of the web part you want to add
      After you have finished editing, click "Publish"
      Your new page is ready!
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