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    How to create and share a list in Airbnb

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Location"
    Type "Guernville"
    Click "Guerneville, CA"
    Click "20"
    Click "22"
    Click "Add guests"
    Click here.
    Click the heart next to a listing that looks interesting.
    Click here to create a wishlist
    Click here.
    Type "Dad's birthday"
    Click "Create"
    Once the wishlist is created, you can navigate into it anytime to share it with others. See below for how to share it.
    Click this icon.
    Click "Wishlists"
    Click this image.
    Click this icon.
    You can send a link, or you can invite specific people, and then those people can add to your list.
    You can also click into an individual listing and share it in different ways. Best way to share with millenials is via text, but email works fine too
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