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    How to create and use a snippet in Superhuman

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    Snippets are one of my favorite tools in Superhuman. If you ever send or respond to emails with similar themes or language, snippets are great to save you time by making that content easily accessible to use as is, or slightly repurpose for whatever you're doing. This Scribe shows you how to create and use a snippet.
    Navigate to [](
    Press [[ctrl]] + [[k]] (search shortcut - for Macs it's CMD+k)
    Type "snippet"
    Click "Create Snippet"
    Enter in your snippet description, and the snippet itself
    Click "Done"
    Go back to your inbox (shortcut: "g + i") and use the "c" shortcut to open a new email.
    Click the snippet you want to include in your email. In this example, I often email customers asking if they'll spend time with me on why they love Scribe. Snippets make it easy for me to reuse the core content without creating it from scratch each time!
    From here you can either customize the snippet, or just send as is!
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