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    How to create user roles and permissions?

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      Click "Users"
      You can view the list of all Users & Roles. To invite new user, Click "Invite People"
      Enter the name and email address.
      Select the type of roles you want to assign.
      Add optional "Custom Message" field.
      Click "Invite"
      You can view all your pending invites. To resend invite, Click "Resend Invite".
      To remove the invitation, Click "Revoke Invite"
      To change the roles of existing user click on the drop down, and select new roles from the options.
      To modify roles, Click "Roles".
      To create new roles, Click "Create Roles"
      Add roles names and descriptions.
      Select the permission you want to give for that selected roles.
      Click "Create"
      To edit permission for individual roles, Click "Edit Permission".
      Make changes.
      Click "Update"

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