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    How to do Custom Chart of Accounts mapping

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    This option can be selected from the normal package selection page from the line which says "Change your custom Chart of Accounts. Please note that it will add $150 to the cost of your desired conversion package
    Click the red button to turn on the custom COA feature.
    Once it's on, click the "Select" button on your desired package
    After the source data has been fully extracted you will be directed via email to your conversion status page where you will be able to browse and select your .csv file. **Please note that the CSV needs to contain the desired Chart of Accounts.** [Here is more information]( on how to create the custom or standard COA for Xero
    Once you have uploaded the .csv file you will be navigated to the mapping screen. Here you will see: 1. The unmapped accounts on the left-hand side. 2. Your uploaded accounts with accounts that have been auto mapped highlighted in green. 3. An area where you can drag accounts that you can’t map, but want to be created in Xero e.g. a bank account. 4. If you have report codes in the CSV they will also be converted however reporting name does not convert.
    You need to finish mapping before exiting the mapping screen or your selection will be lost!
    To map accounts just drag the unmapped account/s to the appropriate account on the right. You can also change account type and tax code at this stage. Once all accounts have been mapped, click the green **Start button** and your conversion will commence. It takes up to 3 business days for MYOB desktop files and 5 business days for all other accounting softwares to complete the conversion from here.
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