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    How to draft a Notice for Non-Delinquency Breach of Lease/Holdover

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    Navigate to [](
    Click Tools > "Form Letters"
    Under the "General Notices-TX/FL/SC" subject line. **Click "Notice for Non-Delinquency Breach of Lease/Holdover"** A Breach of Lease / Unauthorized Holdover is used when the residents have Violated the Lease Contact and/or have been asked to Vacate the apartment but they still reside at the apartment. This notice is given will explain the information and details of the particular paragraph of the contact they have violated and the date they need to vacate. ***Note: The notice will need to be provided 60-days before the vacate date.***
    Do not adjust any settings under the "Run From Letter" section.
    Unselect "Main contacts only" field as we would like all Leaseholders listed on the notice.
    Under Units click "Select options" and select the unit/s number you would like to draft a notice.
    Click "Get Recipients"
    After you click Get Recipients **on the right side of your screen you will see the Unit and Residents Name**. This list will give you an overview of who you generate a notice for.
    Click "Print". Resman will generate the notices in a Word Document > **Open the Word Document, Enter the information needed under "You or your occupants or guests have violated your lease contract as noted below: "**
    **Remember we want to list as much details as possible as this will help if we would need to send the case to a legal action.** List the below information, 1. Date of Occurrence 2. Lease paragraph or rule number the resident violated 3. Name of all residents involve Example: You are in violation of your Lease Contract, Paragraph 11.1 - Prohibited Conducted. On Tuesday October 03, 2023 you and your occupants were on a criminal activity according to the report provided by the State Policy.
    Once the information of the Breach of Lease or the Unauthorized Holdover is listed on the Word document, Click Print.
    Sign and Certify how the notice will be delivered to the resident. Upload a copy of the Signed notice to the resident's Documents in Resman.
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