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    How to draft a Notice for Non-Payment of Rent

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    Navigate to <>
    **Click the "Delinquencies and Prepaids" tab to view your delinquent residents and note balances from $400 to the highest balance** as this will help you draft notices on the next steps. *Note: Double-click "Balance" as you like to view your balance from High to Low.*
    Click Tools &gt; "Form Letters"
    Under the "General Notices - TX/FL/SC" subject line. Click "Notice for Non-Payment of Rent"
    Alert! For Florida Notices, remember that the notice will only include Base Rent.
    Do not adjust any settings under the "Run Form Letter" section.
    Under the Form Letter Recipients Parameters section, you will make adjustments as needed. **The most common settings you will edit are the Lease Status, Residency Status, Balance, or Unit.**
    When drafting notices ideally you are drafting notices for residents that are Current and not Under Eviction. Assuming residents owing more than 1+ month's rent are already Under Eviction. **Click the "Lease Status" to unselect the "Under Eviction" field.**
    You will do the same thing for "Residency Status". **Click the "Residency Status" to unselect the "Under Eviction" field.**
    Alert! If the resident is Under Eviction status and you would like to reissue a notice please leave the "Under Eviction" status checked.
    Unselect "Main contacts only" field as we would like all Leaseholders listed on the notice.
    Click the "Balance" field and type in the **lowest balance on the first box and on the second box type the highest balance from your current delinquency.**
    If you would like to **draft one notice only or add any specific unit to the notice batch you may do so** by going to Unit &gt; "Select Options" and Selecting the unit numbers.
    Click "Get Recipients"
    After you click Get Recipients **on the right side of your screen you will see the Unit and Residents Name**. This list will give you an overview of who you generate a notice for. *Note: This is the opportunity for you to remove any resident who you wouldn't want to issue a notice.*
    After you review the list, scroll to the bottom under "Custom Fields" and list the Month and Date of when the notice will expire. Texas Example: Day (dd) - **12 /** Month (mm) - **December** The notice above will expire on 08 of December.
    For Florida "Custom Fields" you will enter the month rent is owed by the resident, the Date and Month of notice expiration. Florida Example: MonthsOwed - **November /** Day (Date of Expiration) - **12 /** Month **December**
    Alert! Ensure the date listed is according to your property specifics (3/30 day).
    Click "Print". Resman will generate the notices in a Word Document &gt; Open the Word Document, review your notices, and Print.
    Sign and Certify how the notice will be delivered to the resident. Upload a copy of the Signed notice to the resident's Documents in Resman.
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