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    How to edit your Scribe

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    Click "Edit"
    We use AI to auto-generate your title. To change it, just click the title and type.
    Add a description by clicking "Add Description." Select whether you'd like to write your own or have AI generate a description.
    Change your Scribe icon by clicking it. If you'd like to set the icon as a tool logo, you can type in the full URL of the website you'd like us to pull the logo from. Click "[]("
    Click the + icon to add new steps. \ \ [[Step]] adds a new blank step.\ [[Tip]] adds a green step. \ [[Alert]] adds a red step. \ [[Capture]] allows you to re-capture new steps. \ [[Header]] allows you to organize steps and adds a table of contents.\ [[GIF]] allows you to upload or add a GIF as a step.
    Click any step text to change or format the text.
    Highlight any text to format it. You can bold, italicize, hyperlink, add a code block, or add bullets.
    If you'd like to take action on multiple steps at once, just hover over any step number to turn it into a checkbox.
    Once you've selected multiple steps, the bulk step editor will open. From here you can move, copy, combine, or delete multiple steps at once.
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