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    How to embed a Scribe in IT Glue

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    Navigate to [](
    Select the scribe you want to embed into IT Glue
    Click on the Share icon
    Make sure to select the appropriate permissions. \ If only you need access, select Not Shared (not recommended)\ If all of the users that need to view this have a Scribe account within your company, select Shared with "Company Name"\ If this needs to be visible in IT Glue by users that don't have a scribe login, select Shareable with Link (Recommended)
    Click "Smart Embed"
    Click "Copy Embed Snippet"
    Browse to IT Glue
    Click "Documents" under ITernal Networks (or the client if it is client facing)
    Click on the folder where you want to save the article.
    Click "New" to create a new document
    Click "Document"
    Double-click this text field.
    Type the name for your document
    Click "Text"
    Click here.
    Click this field.
    Paste the embed code that you copied from Scribe
    Click "Save"
    Click "Publish"
    Confirm that you can see the Scribe in IT Glue
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