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    How to enable the Confluence<> Scribe integration

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    Enabling the Confluence integration

    Navigate to [](
    Click on your team avatar and select "Team Settings"
    Click "Integrations"
    Make sure you have an Atlassian account and a Confluence space ready to go first. You will need to have Admin privileges in your Confluence space, or your Admin needs to enable the integration for you.
    Click "Connect to Confluence"
    The page will auto-refresh and have you choose a site to connect with
    Once chosen, click "Accept"
    You'll see your Confluence domain connected in the "Integrations" page in Scribe
    You can also select the view type you want to enable by opening up this dropdown

    Exporting a Scribe to Confluence

    Click "Share"
    Click "Export"
    Click here to select the Confluence site you want to export this Scribe to
    Click "Export." Once it's done select "Open in Confluence"
    There it is!
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