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    How to file an eviction with Barfield McCain

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    Navigate to your email and **Click "Compose"**
    To send a file you will **email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])**\ and **ensure to include your Regional Manager and Property Email for visibility, as shown in the example below.**
    On the Subject Line, you will list the **Property Email vs. "the name of the resident" along with the purpose of the eviction.** \ For example: Spectra Tamarac vs. John Doe - Eviction for "Non-Payment of Rent".
    In the body of the email, please note that you are sending the attached file for them to review and proceed with the eviction. Please note in the email if you don't have a record of the Lease/DOB please note it on the email. Please see the example below.
    Next, you will **attach the required documents** needed in order to proceed with the eviction. **The Lease, Ledger, and a signed copy of the Notice to Vacate**.
    **Click "Send"** to submit the file. Within 24 - 48 hours you will receive an email confirmation from Barfield.
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