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How to find backlink opportunities using Ahrefs?

Backlinks are an important part of SEO, as they help to increase a website's visibility and authority. Having a strong backlink profile can help to improve a website's ranking in search engine results pages. Ahrefs is a powerful tool that can be used to identify backlink opportunities, allowing website owners to build a strong backlink profile and improve their SEO. Knowing how to find backlink opportunities using Ahrefs can help website owners to maximize their SEO efforts and increase their website's visibility.
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Go to and click on the "Backlink Checker" button.
Enter the URL of the website you want to check for backlink opportunities in the "Target" field.
Click on the "Backlinks" tab.
Scroll down to the "Referring Domains" section and click on the "New" tab.
Scroll through the list of referring domains to find potential backlink opportunities.

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