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    How to generate a RFQ (Request For Quote)

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    Navigate to [](
    Log in to your Proboxx portal
    Click "Quotations"
    Click "New Quote"
    Under "What are you shipping?" Enter in your details.
    Choose the shipment method based on your exact needs. In this example I have an LCL shipment.
    Under the Incoterms field, select the Incoterm you are using that has been agreed to between you and your supplier / shipper.
    In this example, my Incoterms are EXW and i would like to get a DDP quote from Proboxx.
    Under the " Cargo Description" field, add your product description
    Under "Package Type" - if you ship as floor loaded, choose cartons. If you ship goods on pallets, just select pallets.
    Under "Quantity", add your cartons (MC) & pallet count number
    Click the "Per Package Weight" field and add your box (MC) or pallet weight. Proboxx software will automatically calculate your total cargo weight.
    Now, just add your box (MC) or pallet dimensions in L / W / H. Make sure you choose the right dimensions unit (CM / INCH). Proboxx software will calculate automatically your total CBM per cargo dimensions.
    Tip! In case you have multiple loads going from the same supplier - you can add each load under "Add LCL".
    Click "Next"

    "Where are you shipping?"

    Now, we move to the next section to complete your RFQ
    Under "Location Type", select your pick up address type. In this example, we have arranged the pick up to be from our supplier / shipper. In this instance, the selection will be 'Factory / Warehouse'
    Tip! The Proboxx team highly recommend to add in advance all your shipper / consignee details under the "Customer Party". This will help generate the RFQ efficiently and effortlessly. To access our guide on how to create a Customer Party head here: [](
    Choose the specific Shipper from your "Shipper" list. If you add your shipper details correctly based on our guide, the "Pick up location" will immediately appear in the desired field.

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