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    How to generate a VAT Recapitulative Statement / VIES

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    Step 1 - Map the tax rates

    You need to start by mapping the tax rates in the account software to the recap boxes and then you may proceed to generate the extract the details.
    To add a return use the edit icon next to the company you wish to use
    Then choose the **Add a return** button
    Start by selecting the recap statement for your country, the reporting period and due date - this will allow generate.TAX to prepare the next reporting periods. *In the example below we will be using the Malta - VAT Recapitulative Statement to do the mapping.*
    Click the **Continue** button to proceed to map the tax rates
    Select the tax rate which will be used to track the Services and / or Goods, add all other tax rates to Ignore and save the mapping

    Step 2 - Generate the recap statement

    Click the button **Returns** next to the newly mapped recap statement
    Use the **Generate tax report** to create a new statement or use the **View** button to open an existng statement.
    The retur page contains the **Statement** tab, the **Transactions** tab and the **Activity** tab. The Statement is where you will get all the Customers and the amount to be entered in the statement. The VAT number of the customer is validated against the VIES VAT number validation of the European Commission.

    Step 3 - Export

    You may also **Export as csv** and upload the file in the portal of the authorities
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