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    How to import new Accounts into SFDC

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      This Scribe guide goes over how to import new accounts into Salesforce.

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      Navigate to [](
      Click "Gear" icon.
      Click here.
      Switch to tab "Lightning Experience"
      Click the "Quick Find" field.
      Type "import"
      Click "Data Import Wizard"
      Click "Launch Wizard!"
      Click "Accounts and Contacts"
      Click "Add new records"
      Click this dropdown.
      Click "Next"
      Heads Up! For you to map your accounts that aren't already in SFDC please make sure your csv. has a column in it with your name. SFDC will assign the Account owner from this field.
      Your CVS list will have the fields you are trying to import into SFDC. Click "Map" Click "Account: Account Name" Click "Map" Click "Account: Record Owner" Click "Map" Click "Account: Phone" Click "Map" Click "Change" Click here. Click "Map" Click "Account: Industry" Click "Map" Click "Account: Billing Street" Click "Map" Click "Account: Billing City" Click "Map" Click "Account: Billing State/Province" Click "Map" Click "Account: Billing Zip/Postal Code" Click "Map" Click "Account: Billing Country" Click "Map"
      Once you have all your field you want to map click "Next"
      Click "Start Import"
      Click "OK"
      Once you hit ok you should see the details of the upload. It's important to see how many accounts were added and how many failed.
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