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    How to integrate Calendly with zoom

    • Thomas Kao |
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    Navigate to []( and check to see if your zoom is already integrated with Calendly
    Click "Edit"
    Click ", what event is this?"
    Click on add Location
    Pick Zoom from the drop down menu
    you can see that Zoom isn't integrated, click on "Zoom integration page"
    Click "Connect Zoom"
    Click the "Allow this app to use my shared access permissions. Learn more" field.
    Click "Allow"
    Click "Go to event types"
    Click "Edit" under the 30 minute meeting event type
    Click "what event is this?"
    Click here.
    Click "Zoom Web conference"
    Add a description about this meeting
    You can customize the event color here to be able to identify it faster on your calendar.
    Click "Save & Close"
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