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    How to link to another process using Attachments

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    To start, navigate to the process you wish to add the link to and open it.
    Click the "Editing" switch.
    Click the attachment (paperclip) icon on the whatbox you wish to add a link to.
    Click the "+ Add attachment" button.
    A pop-up with options will appear. Click the "Process" option.
    You will then be prompted to open the Process Pricker. Click "Open Process Picker".
    You can then select a process from the list or search for a process using the search bar. Select the process you wish to link.
    Click "Confirm" confirm your selection.
    Click "Confirm" in the Attachments panel to add your process to the whatbox.
    Your process is now linked to the whatbox. It will be visible whenever the Attachments panel is opened for the whatbox. Click the "eye" icon to make the linked process visible on the whatbox.
    You can now see that the linked process appears on the whatbox (Payroll Process). Click the "X" button to exit the Attachments panel.
    Click the "Save" button.
    Uncheck the "Editing" switch to go back to view mode. If you double click on "Payroll Process" it will open the linked process.
    🔗 You now know how to link to other processes! Go and find the missing link to take your process to the next level!

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