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    How to lock a column in Google Sheets

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    Tip! This Scribe will show you how to lock columns on Google Sheets to prevent others from making changes, or send a warning when changes are made.
    Navigate to Google Sheets [](
    Right click on the column you want to lock.
    Click "View more cell actions"
    Click "Protect range"
    Click "Add a sheet or range"
    Optionally, you can name your range. For example, Sheet1A! here is titled "Company Name"
    Edit your Range if needed by clicking the button on the right hand side.
    Once done, click "Ok"
    To edit your sheet, click "Sheet"
    Once complete, click "Set permissions"
    Select whether you want to warn a user when editing this range, or restrict who can edit this range.
    Click "Done"
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