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    How to make a column wider in Google Sheets

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    There are three different ways to modify column width. Read on for the steps to follow for each method.
    Navigate to []( and open or create the spreadsheet to modify.

    Drag Column Width

    Click the column header and hold down. Drag to the right to make the column wider.
    Click here.
    Click here.
    Click here.

    Set the Column Width (in pixels)

    The next two methods can be applied to a single column or multiple columns by selecting multiple adjacent column headers.
    Click the column header.
    Select the arrow icon.
    Select "Resize column"
    Click this text field.
    Enter the desired width and click "OK"

    Fit column width to contents

    Click the arrow in the column header.
    Select "Resize column"
    Select "Fit to data"
    Click "OK"
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