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    How to mark duplicates in Google Sheets

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    This Scribe shows you how to visibly mark duplicates in a single column in Google Sheets using conditional formatting. The same logic came be applied to multiple columns i.e. entire datasets
    Navigate to your spreadsheet
    Select the second cell in the column where you want to mark duplicates. If your column does not have a column header, select the first cell
    Highlight the entire column of data: For PCs, press [[ctrl]] + [[shift]] + [[down]]. For Macs, press [[cmd]] + [[shift]] + [[down]]
    Click "Format" and then "Conditional formatting"
    Open up the "Format cells if..." field and click "Custom formula is"
    Click the "Value or formula" field.
    Type "=countif("
    Click this field to copy it by pressing [[cmd]] + [[c]]
    Return to the "Value or formula" field and paste in the range via [[cmd]] + [[v]]
    Make sure to lock the data set. Do this manually typing in the [[$]] in front of both the letter and number of each cell
    The final formula for this example is: =countif($A$2:$A$8,$A2)>1
    Click "Done"
    Now you'll see the duplicates highlighted in your specified color
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