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    How to merge mail in Gmail

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    Navigate to your Gmail inbox

    1st Step - Create Draft E-mail

    Click "Compose" - Create a "Draft" E-mail you will be using for Mail Merge\ Click here.\ Note - subject fields are what you are going to be replaced in the e-mails from the Google Sheets. Goto 2nd step to start the process.

    2nd Step - Create Mail Merge Doc

    Tip! Here's a Google Mail Merge Link that can be helpful [](
    Heads Up! Create a copy of the sample mail merge and change the info for your subject fields
    Click "Make a copy" Change Subject fields that you are going to replace on Google sheets.
    Click "Continue"
    Heads Up! It will ask you to login to your e-mail that you will be sending from
    Click "Allow" to grant access
    Click "Mail Merge" Click "Send Emails"
    Enter in the Subject Title that you are using from the draft e-mail. Click "Ok"
    Here you can see that the e-mail was sent
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