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    How to read the Scribe Territory File in Excel - 2022 (for external share)

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      Before reviewing the excel, read the overview document which explains the overall process of how the territories were created. [I removed the original link before sharing this Scribe on LinkedIn, but this is a great way to nest other document or video links within a Scribe, if you choose, to give additional context. We also have new features coming out soon that will do something similar.]
      Optional: here is the Zoom recording where we walked through all of this detail as a team: [link intentionally removed]
      Please do NOT skip step #1 - it provides important context into how territories were designed and is a critical prerequisite to understanding the territories.
      Once you've read through the Google Doc in detail, open the excel file and go to the "territories" tab
      There are several pivot tables in this tab. The y-axis has numbers 1-15, which represent the territories.
      The first pivot table shows the balancing across industries, which are shown across the x-axis. You can see based on the color coding the balancing within each industry, across books.
      To see the details within any book, simply double-click the Grand Total in column S. For example, to see the details of Book #1, you would double click in cell S9, which would show the details of the 216 accounts in that book. Similarly, if you want to see all accounts within an industry, you'd double click in row 24 (to see all law firms, double click in cell K24).
      At the bottom of the pivot table you'll see the ranges - max, median, and min to show the balancing.
      The second pivot table is by # of employees.
      Employee size was the secondary balancing measure, so the ranges are not as tight as industry, but they are still fairly balanced.
      I made some manual adjustments to ensure that every book had at least one cherry picked account, and no book had more than two.
      Finally, I did a final check on B2B vs. B2C. I didn't balance this, just wanted to make sure nothing was way off. In some industries B2B is "better" and in some it's B2C, so this was a check more than a balance.
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