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    How to capture a Scribe

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    Pinning the Scribe extension in Chrome

    You've just downloaded Scribe and you can't wait to get started. But wait...where is the extension? Don't worry - if you don't see it, make sure you pin Scribe in your Chrome/browser extensions so you'll always know where to find it.
    In your Chrome window, locate the puzzle icon next to your Profile.
    Find Scribe and click the pin icon next to it. Now your Scribe extension is pinned and you'll always know where to find it to start your capture!

    Capture a Scribe using the extension

    Locate the Scribe extension in your Chrome extension menu (not a problem, since it's pinned to your extension bar) and start recording.
    Do your process as normal and Scribe will capture a screenshot and instruction for every click and keystroke.
    Click "Stop Capture" once you've completed the process you want to capture, and your Scribe is ready for you!

    Capture a Scribe on the PC desktop app

    The Scribe desktop recorder is available for Pro and Enterprise users. It enables you to capture any application on your desktop. If you don't already have it, visit []( to download the desktop recorder.
    Scribe will generate a step and screenshot for every click and keystroke. For best results, clear your desktop of unused applications.
    Navigate to [](
    Click "New"
    From the dropdown menu select "Desktop"
    The desktop app will automatically open - click "Start Capture".
    PC users: click "Stop" to finish your recording (you'll see this button automatically appear in the top-left-hand side of your screen when you start recording).
    There you go - your Scribe is ready!

    Capture a Scribe on the Mac desktop app

    Select the Scribe icon in your top menu bar.
    Click 'Start Recording' from the dropdown.
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