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    How to review your pipeline in Salesforce

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    This Scribe guide will show you how to generate a Salesforce report so you can view your opportunities/pipeline.
    Navigate to your Salesforce.
    Click "Reports"
    Click "New Report"
    Click "Opportunities"
    Click "Opportunities" again and then click "Continue"
    Click "Filters"
    Tip! Filters will show you what information the report is pulling. You will need to change "Show Me All opportunities" to just yours. If you want to change the close data, status or probability of an opportunity you would do so here.
    Click "All opportunities" Click "My opportunities" Click "Done"
    Click "Save & Run"
    Name your report and Click "Save"
    Make sure to save this report either by bookmarking it or by saving it to a folder you have easy access to.
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