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    How to schedule interviews at Nurole

    • Adam Gill

    Setting up an interview schedule

    Login to the [client dashboard](
    Click "Manage interviews"
    Click "New meeting round"
    Select the role you're scheduling interviews for using the drop down menu
    Enter the title of your interview e.g. First stage interview
    Enter the length of the interview in minutes

    In Person / Video Call Interviews

    Click "In person" to highlight it green
    Enter the address the interview is being held at
    Click "Video call" to highlight it green and select the interview attendees from the list
    Select "Receives updates" if you'd like to be notified via email when a candidate selects their interview date and time
    Click "Add someone else" if you'd like to add additional interview attendees not already on the list
    Enter the details of the additional person attending the interview
    Under "Support Contact", please add the contact details of the person at your organisation who is managing these interviews
    Click "Add"
    Click "Create meeting round"

    Selecting candidates to be interviewed

    Select candidates to be interviewed from the list by clicking "Add"
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