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    How to search for a word in Google Docs on Mac

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    To get started, open your document in Google Docs.
    Press [[cmd]] + [[f]] to open the search bar.
    Type "advancements" (in this case, the word we are searching for.
    You will see that every instance of the word is highlighted in green in Google Docs.
    Alternatively, you can use the Find and Replace feature. Click Edit from the tool bar along the top of your screen to find this option.
    Select "Find and replace" from the drop-down. Alternatively, you can quickly bring up the find and replace option by hitting [[cmd]] + [[shift]] + [[h]]
    Click the "Find" field to type out the word you want to look for.
    Click the "Replace with" field if you want to replace each instance of this word with another word.
    Click "Replace all" when you are done.
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