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    How to send messages in Asana Projects?

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      Navigate to your Asana Project.
      Click "Messages".
      Click "Send message to members".
      Click the "Add subject" field.
      Type "Client conversations thread". đź’ˇ Use naming conventions to name your Message threads.
      Click here.
      Type "Let's use this space to track all client conversations / notes thread".
      Click "Send".
      FAQs Why should we open a Messages thread instead of creating tasks in a section we call notes? •Because it will create Tasks and then the information in the Progress of the Project in the Transactions Portfolio will not be accurate. How should I name these Message threads? •Consider using naming conventions, so this example is for a Real Estate industry (applicable for anyone), so the naming convention should be: Client conversations thread - [property address]. Why should I have a naming convention for these Messages threads? •Because as Tasks and Projects, Messages are also searchable in Asana, so by writing down the property address in the message thread, you can always write the Property address in the search bar and you can find everything that is connected with the Property, including Messages, Can I see Messages in the mobile app? •Yes, you can access Messages in the Mobile app.
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