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    How to set up PortOne on Shopify

    • Prashant Luhar |
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    Navigate to your Shopify store admin panel.
    Click "Settings"
    Click on "Payments" settings.
    For PortOne Payments, click "Manage"
    In the Account Status section, Click "Manage"
    In a new tab, Navigate to [](
    Click "Management"
    Click "General"
    Click here.
    Copy the "PortOne Key"
    Navigate to the previous tab, and paste the "PortOne Key" in the field as shown below. Now click on "Verify Now"
    After clicking on "Verify Now", on successful configuration, you'll be redirected to the PortOne Payments settings page, to verify the configuration click on "Manage"
    As you can see the verification is now completed.
    This completes the configuration of PortOne on Shopify.

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