How to share content externally | Scribe

    How to share content externally

        Click on the gear icon in the top right corner.
        Click "Settings"
        Click "External Content" Tab
        Click "Manage Sub-Modules"
        Click on the library where you would like to upload the document you would like to share externally with a link.
        Place a check next to the library and click on "Save"
        Click on the library from the left panel
        Click on the plus sign next to "Records" to create a new "Item"
        A "New Item" Form will pop-up
        Fill out the form with the required information
        Once the form is filled out, click on "Save & Close"
        Click on the new "Item" that has just been created.
        Click "Click or Drag and Drop to upload files"
        Open your local drive
        Select the fillable pdf form that you would like to share externally with a link
        Enter required information into the fields and click on "Save"
        Click the "Back" button
        Click on the item created in step 12 and click on the "Documents" Tab
        You will see the fillable pdf form "Employment-Job-Application.pdf" uploaded in Step 13
        Right click on the recently created "Item" in Step 12

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