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    How to share your Scribe with others

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    Click "Share"

    Sharing Settings

    Click "Sharing Settings" to set your Scribe's privacy settings: [[Not shared]] = Viewable & editable only by you\ [[Shared with Team]] = Anyone on your team can find and view\ [[Shared with Organization]] = Anyone within your Organization can find and view (available for Scribe Enterprise users only)\ [[Shareable with Link]] = Anyone with the link can view

    Share URL via Copy Link

    Click "Copy Link" to copy the URL. This is great for sharing via email or Slack/Teams.

    Share Directly via Email

    To share with individuals directly, type their email address directly in the email bar. Once added, the recipient will receive an email notification from Scribe. You can choose to give them "View" or "Edit" access.


    To embed your Scribe in another tool, select "Copy Embed Snippet" and add the iframe link to the 3rd party tool.

    Export to PDF

    Click "Export as PDF" to download the PDF of the Scribe.

    Export to HTML, Markdown & Confluence

    Pro and Enterprise users have access to advanced export formats such as HTML, Markdown, and Confluence.

    Share from your Workspace

    You can also share a Scribe directly from your Documents or Dashboard. Click the link icon or select the tri dot and click "Share" from the dropdown.
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