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    How to sign up for TikTok's creator marketplace

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    Navigate to [](
    Enter your business e-mail address.
    Check your e-mail and enter the verification code.
    Choose a password.
    Re-enter your password.
    Check this box.
    Click create account.
    Have this information ready for the next step: Business Verification ID Number: This will be a government/officially issued number that you use to do business or pay taxes in your country. Supported numbers for the US are: EIN (FTIN) for Corporations, LLC and Partnerships DUNS number for Sole Proprietor Federal Taxpayer Identification Number Business Name: The legal name of your business as it appears on your official documents. Company Phone Number: Do not include your country code or a "+". Name of Legal Representative(Optional): The name of your business's of legal representative, written in English. Document: Any official documents that contain your businesses' name, business verification ID, name of legal representative, and company phone number; like a tax notice, VAT registration certificate, or business license.
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