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    How to unblock an account in Zego and Resman for a Under Eviction Resident

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    Navigate to [](
    Login into your Zego account. \ \ As a Property Manager and Regional Manager you should have access to your property. If you do not have access please submit a support ticket to IT.
    Click "Residents ▾"
    Click "View Residents"
    Click "Perform Advanced Search"
    Type the "Property Name" on this filed.
    Under the "Unit" please list the unit number you would like to unblock the account.
    Under "Status" please click the drop-down menu and select "All Residents"
    Click "Submit"
    You will see all the resident's names under that unit number. The account will be highlighted in Red and will have the status Blocked.
    Tip! The "X" under the Registered column does not mean the account is blocked. If the account has an "X" that means that the resident is not registered to the resident portal.
    Click "Unblock"
    You will now see the account "Active" and the Zego part is complete.
    Alert! If the resident has NSF'd 2 or more times, the ACH & Credit Card options should remain blocked. The resident should pay with a Cash Pay card.
    You will now go to Resman and Click "Undo" Eviction Filed.
    Click "Select All" Residents
    Type in the reason the eviction was undone. For example: Resident paid full rent on 11/08
    Click "Save"
    Next you click "Enable Online Payments" on the left side of the residents profile.
    Click "Yes" to enable online payments for the unit.
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