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    How to update profile information on Moodle

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    Please take note that this guide is for general use! You must go to your respective Moodle website in order for you to change your profile. Take note that you must be logged-in.
    ADVANCED TIP! Click on the "Guide Me" button during this tutorial found in the upper-right corner at any step. A pop-up will appear as a guide for you to follow the process yourself at your own pace. It will stay on your screen all-throughout the process until you close it on your own. Can't seem to see it? Read here.
    Click "Log in"
    Type your login credentials, then click "Log in"
    Click your profile image located in the top-right corner.
    Click "Profile"
    Click "Edit profile"
    Fill in the text fields you want to change or update.
    To change your profile picture, you can delete the previous one (if you uploaded one before) by clicking on the "Delete picture" option.
    Click this icon here to choose your new profile picture.
    Click "Choose File" and a window will pop-up asking you to find and choose your new profile picture.
    Click "Upload this file" after choosing your new profile picture.
    You will be able to see your new profile picture uploaded under the "New picture" section.
    Click "Update profile" to save and complete the process.
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