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    How to update your membership

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    Please complete this process by 1/7/23! The old system will no longer be supported after that date!

    Cancelling your account in the old system

    Navigate to [](
    Log-in using your Protohaven Account
    Click "My Membership" to view your access membership.
    Select your Membership and Click "Manage"
    Click "Cancel"
    Once you have cancelled the old system will no longer bill your account. You can now set-up your new Protohaven Account using the steps below.

    Setting up your new Protohaven Account

    In the top dropdown menu hover over Membership and Click "Individual Membership"
    Select your desired Membership type.
    NOTE: If you are prompted to login or create an account please do. If you have never logged in using this screen before you will need to like the "create account" link at the bottom of the dialogue box. Alternatively you can follow these instructions to create your account: [](
    Click "Next"
    Fillout all personal information
    Click "Next"
    If you would like to become a donor you can add an optional donation to your membership.
    Click "Next" to proceed to payment.
    Review your order information and Click "Next"
    Our system charges credit card fees. If you would like to cover those charges as a contribution to Protohaven click the "I want to make an additional donation to cover online processing fees, so that my entire contribution goes to Protohaven."
    When you are ready to add your payment information click "Pay With Card"

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