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    How to use Calendly

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    Calendly is an incredibly useful tool and can save you -- and anyone scheduling meetings with you -- hours of back and forth finding a time that "works for everyone". At Scribe, we use Calendly to schedule time with customers, prospects and even recruiting candidates. It's important for us that our Calendly reflects both our personal and company brands. Here are a few steps to take to setup Calendly and personalize your account.

    Add a photo and welcome message to Calendly

    In many cases, your Calendly page is the first interaction customers, teammates and partners have with you and your company. Be sure to personalize your Calendly to reflect your brand!
    Navigate to [](
    Click "Account"
    Click Account Settings.
    First you'll want to add a photo to Calendly. Under Account Settings, click "Upload Picture"
    Add a photo from your desktop and click "Apply"
    Next - Personalize your Calendly Welcome Message to give more context about why someone would schedule a meeting and get them excited to talk with you. Just scroll down to Welcome Message and edit.
    Click "Save Changes"

    Add a logo to Calendly

    Adding your profile to your Calendly page clearly aligns you with your company. Under Account Settings, Click "Branding"
    Click "Upload Image".
    Select your logo file from your desktop, adjust the crop area and click "Apply"
    Click "Save Changes"

    Customize your Calendly link

    Customizing your Calendly link makes it super easy to remember so you can quickly add it to emails, chats and texts.
    Click "My link"
    Click this text field and add your custom link.
    Click "Save Changes"
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