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    How to use PRD presentation template | Scribe

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      Add your product name
      Mention where do you envision the future of your product?
      Provide a a brief description of the functions and target market for your product
      Add your team members
      Add your target release date of your product
      Mention your present progress, such as "on track" or "at risk"
      Mention user interviews, market competition, and other research
      Add goals for your product and any supporting activities are included in the business case.
      Mention how will product performance be evaluated?
      Add semi-fictional archetype that depicts the characteristics and actions of potential clients
      Mention detailed explanations of various situations in which a customer might utilize your solution to address a particular problem
      Mention theoretical justification for how your ideas would resolve the client's issue, together with technological viability
      Add budget and other resources
      Mention the connection between the product's functional components
      List the core features of your product
      Mention how the product will be used by the user and how the interfaces will seem and function
      Mention the requirements that must be satisfied in order for the product to be accepted by the user or other systems
      Mention what won't be constructed at this moment (ideas gleaned during development can be save for future)
      Finally, mention any queries the team may have

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