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    How to use Scribe's Smart Blur feature

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      Click "Start Recording" in the Scribe extension.
      Once your recording begins, the on-screen recording controls will open in the corner of your screen. Click "Smart Blur."
      Toggle "Smart Blur"
      Toggle any of the categories of sensitive data you want to be blurred out. You'll notice a blur effect will be automatically applied to any data in that category.
      If there is an element you want to blur that is not covered by one of the pre-set categories, you can use precision blur. Select "Choose Elements."
      Select the element on your screen that you'd like to apply precision blur to, and click "Done."
      Once you've toggled all the categories of data you want blurred, just click out of the Smart Blur box and begin clicking through your process. Your Scribe will be generated with no sensitive information in the screenshots - good work!

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