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    How to use Shoppingify to Manage Shopping Lists & Expenses

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      Navigate to [](
      On the homepage, you have the option to either create a new account or log into your existing one.
      Once you have successfully logged in, you will be redirected to the main page, which features a navigation bar on the left side. In the middle of the page, you will find your list of categories and items, while on the right side, your active shopping list will be displayed. To navigate between pages, simply click on the corresponding icon on the navigation bar. Let's proceed to the profile page.
      On the profile page, you have the ability to modify your account details and also log out from the application.
      To return to the main page, simply click on the items icon located on the navigation bar. Here, you can create your own database of categories and the respective items within them. To add a new category, type its name in the form located at the top of the screen.
      To add a new item, click on the "Add new item" button located in the upper right corner of the screen. This will trigger the appearance of a corresponding form in the right part of the screen.
      Fill out the form and click the "Save" button.
      You can search for items by typing in the search bar located at the top of the screen.
      After clicking the search option, an item card will appear on the right part of the screen. Alternatively, you can also click on the item card to open the corresponding form. In this form, you have the option to edit the item details or delete it. To close the form, simply click on the back arrow located at the top of the form.
      To initialize a new shopping list, navigate to the right part of the screen where your active shopping list is displayed. In the form located below the "Add Item" section, enter the name of the item you wish to add. Once you've entered the item's name, it will be added to your new shopping list. Alternatively, you can click on the "+" button on the item's card to add it to the shopping list directly.
      To change the name of your list, simply type a new name in the shopping list heading form. By default, the active shopping list is named "Shopping List".
      You can mark items in the shopping list as "completed" by clicking on the square located before the item. Once an item is marked as completed, it will be visually indicated by a strikethrough line.
      By clicking on the bar located to the right of the item, you can modify the item's details such as its quantity, units, price per unit, or even delete the item. The numbers dependent on these parameters, such as the item's total or the shopping list's total, will be automatically updated accordingly.
      Click this button.
      On the panel to the right of the shopping list heading, you will find three buttons that allow you to manipulate the shopping list: The trash bin button: Clicking on this button will delete the entire shopping list. The checked circle button: Clicking on this button will mark the shopping list as completed and archive it to the history page. This allows you to keep a record of completed shopping lists for future reference. The clipboard button: Clicking on this button will copy the shopping list to the clipboard, enabling you to easily share or paste it elsewhere.
      The application offers the functionality to upload bills in PDF format and convert them into shopping lists. By clicking on the upload bill icon, you can easily upload your bill to the application.
      Once the bill has been parsed, the "Uploaded Items" form will appear. In this form, you have the option to correct the details of the items such as their name, units, and price. If an item was not automatically matched with the items database, it will be displayed in dark red color. To resolve this, you can manually type the product that is already present in your database and click the "Change List" button. The application will then reevaluate the updated list and attempt to match it with the database once again. This allows you to ensure accurate item details and better integration with your existing database.
      Once all items in the uploaded list are displayed in black color, indicating that their details have been correctly identified, you have two options: Convert to New Shopping List: You can click on the "Upload List" button to create a new shopping list using the uploaded items. Merge with Active Shopping List: If you have an active shopping list with a length that matches the number of items in the uploaded list, you can click on the "Merge List" button. This will combine the uploaded items with your existing active shopping list.
      If you choose to close the "Uploaded Items" form without merging or uploading the items, the list will be cached and can be retrieved later. To access the cached bill, simply click on the "Retrieve Cached Bill" button located below the "Upload Bill" bar. This allows you to conveniently retrieve and work with the previously uploaded items at a later time.
      To review the history of your shopping lists, you can navigate to the history page by clicking on the history icon located in the left part of the screen's navigation bar. This will provide you with an overview of your past shopping lists and their details.
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