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    How to use a lesson from the Edpuzzle community

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    Navigate to [](
    Click the "Search or paste YouTube URL" field.
    Type whatever topic you want to find a lesson on
    Click "Search"
    Click on the filters to further narrow your search, selecting Subject, Year level and even Country
    Click this checkbox.
    Remember to click "Save" each time you make a selection in each category
    Use Country to target results suitable for your country
    For example Australia
    Or New Zealand
    Click "Save"
    Once you have your results, click on the lesson to view it. Remember - these are made by other teachers (their name is below the video lesson)
    Click on the droplets to view the questions the other educator has made for this video
    Click "Skip"
    Preview as many questions as you want to see if this lesson is right for your class
    Click here.
    If you like this lesson and want to use it, click Copy
    Click here to return to your Edpuzzle dashboard
    Click "My Content"
    You will see the video lesson now appears in your content library
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