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    How to use data import wizard in Salesforce

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    To access the data import wizard from leads, contacts, and/or accounts, your system administrator needs to enable Data Import Wizard for end users. Otherwise, access data import wizard from the Setup (administrators only).
    Click "Contacts"
    Click "Import"
    Click here.
    Click "Next"
    Select the object you want to import records for. Click "Accounts and Contacts"
    You can add new (create), update existing (update), or a combination of both (upsert) that will check for existing based on matching criteria and add new if it doesn't existing and update if it does.
    Depending on your fields, you will get a few options on how to match data.
    Click "CSV"
    Click this file field.
    Click "Next"
    Click "Map". Here you map columns in your spreadsheet to fields. You can unmap any field and map any column, even multiple times.
    Click "Account: Description"
    Click "Map"
    Click "Change"
    Click here.
    Click "Map"
    Click "Next"
    Click Start Import.
    You will receive a success and error file after the import is completed.
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