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How to use our Mapping App

How to use our mapping app....
Created by Hickory | 16 steps
Navigate to
Click on the link or the map to go to the Mapping App.
Click the "Find address or place" field. Here you can enter the name of a town, a latitude/longitude or a 911 address. Or of course you can just navigate to your area of interest. Type in the name of Voca, TX for example... Or enter a lat/long: " 31.0000 -99.000 [enter]"
As long as the Well Data for Website layer is turned on, you can learn more about individual wells. Click on any of the wells (dots) for a popup with more information. There's a link at the bottom of each popup that will take you to a log.
The legend for the wells is under the basemap options as long as the "Wells Data" layer is turned on.

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