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    How to use the Ilara HMIS Point of Sale for OTC transactions

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    Navigate to the billing module in the Ilara HMIS to access the Point of Sale
    Click "Add patient to bill" to append the transaction to a client
    Click "Over The Counter" to record sales not related to an encounter
    Search for the patient by name or phone number if the client exists in the HMIS, if not capture their details
    If searching for the patient. Select them once you identify them.
    Click "Create over the counter bill" to add the selected patient or whose information has been captured to this bill
    We recommend adding an arbitrary patient/client in the system to enable selecting them for instances where you are not able to capture the details of the patient/client. You could give a memorable name to this patient e.g Pharmacy OTC or Unknown Client.
    Click on the product or service to bill from the list or use the search field to search for it. Clicking opens the modal to display the packages.
    Click "Add" on the correct package to add the product or service to the bill
    Click "Complete Payment" to record the payment details
    Select the appropriate payment method for single payment of select multiple payment methods for split payments
    Enter the respective percentage of Amount paid using the particular payment method or simply enter the amount in the "Amount" field.
    Click the "Print receipt" to load the receipt upon validation of payment.
    Click "Validate payment" to save the payment details
    Click "Download" to prepare for receipt printing or "Cancel" to not print.
    Click "Continue selling" to serve the next client.
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