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    How to use the Scribe editor sidebar

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    Navigate to your Scribe.
    Click "Edit" to view the new sidebar.

    Document Actions

    Document actions allow you to take actions at the Scribe level. Use document actions to add the Scribe to a Page, duplicate the Scribe, move the Scribe to another team, and delete the Scribe.

    Step Actions

    Select "Combine" to combine steps and step instructions.
    Select "Duplicate" to duplicate steps within the Scribe or duplicate steps to other Scribes in your workspace.
    Magic Merge will combine steps with similar screenshots into a single animation. This action can be undone.
    Delete will allow you to select steps and delete them from the Scribe.


    The first three toggles are for the information shown at the top of the Scribes, including step count, creation time, and author. These are for paid plans.
    The next three toggles allow you to turn user feedback on/off, show recording timestamps on the steps, and turn the table of contents created by headers on/off. These are for paid plans.
    The last toggle allows you to hide the pop out viewer link on the top right of ever step. This is available to all users.


    These toggles allow you to control how viewers interact with your Scribe through Claps and comments.

    Review - Enterprise Only

    These toggles are for the Verified and Under Review tags.

    Stats & Info

    Here you can view detailed information about your Scribe, including when it was created, when it was last edited, who it was last edited by, which folder it is organized in, and stats about the Scribe.
    That's all there is to it. Enjoy using the new sidebar!
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