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    How to use the new Active Trader widgets

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    Navigate to <>
    Once logged in, click on the **Home** icon to go to the Dashboard screen
    Click on the **Blue Add Widget** button shown below to begin creating your Dashboard with various widgets
    From the list of available widgets, **select your desired widgets**
    Once done, Click **"SAVE"** to create your Dashboard
    Your will get a message confirming your widget selection. Click **"OK"**
    For example, to add the securities you'd like to view in the **"My Watchlist"** widget, Click **"SCRIP"** button shown below
    Click here to open the drop down list of securities
    **Select the securities** you want to view on your watchlist by clicking the checkbox next to the security as shown below. You can select multiple securities
    Once selected, Click **"ADD"** to populate your watchlist with the selected securities
    To **BUY** or **SELL** a security, select the **Blue "B"** or **Red "S"** icon respectively next to the desired security. **(The steps shown below apply to both BUY & SELL transactions)**
    Input the desired **Quantity**, **Price** and Click **"BUY"**.
    A **verification window** showing a summary of the order will appear. To proceed, Click **"CONFIRM" .** To go back, Click **"CANCEL"**
    Using the **"Chart widget"** , you can view the Price movement of a selected security across a selected time period i.e. 1 Day, 1 Month, 3 Months etc. Click **"SCRIP"** to add your desired security.
    Click on the **"Security"** text field and type the security code of your desired security as shown below.
    Click **"CHANGE"** to view the chart of the selected security
    Using the **"Gainers Losers Movers"** widget, you can see the top 5 securities whose share price has moved up or down during that trading day
    Using the **"Market Depth"** widget, you can view the Top 5 Buy and Sell Orders for the selected security. To select a different security, Click **"SCRIP"**
    Search for the desired security in the **"Security"** text field and Click **"CHANGE"**
    You will view the Top 5 Buy and Sell orders of the selected security

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