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    How to view your leads in Salesforce

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    This Scribe guide will teach you how to create a Salesforce Report to view the leads you are assigned to.
    Navigate to your Salesforce account.
    Click "Reports"
    Click "New Report"
    Click "Leads" and then click "Continue"
    Tip! Tip! To view ALL your leads you need to change the contact create date as shown below.
    Click "Filters" Click "On or after Mar 23, 2022" Click "Custom" Click "All Time"
    Click "Apply"
    Click "Outline"
    Tip! You can add additional fields that you would like to see in the leads report by clicking "add column" as shown below.
    Click the "Add column..." field.
    Click "Save & Run"
    Name your report. Click "Save"
    Click here.
    Your report is complete! Make sure to bookmark the page so you can reference it whenever you need it.
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