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    IGN-Ordering Digitizing the Ignition Way

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    Go to our website and on the landing page, go to Menu>Orders>Place Digitize
    Start by clicking the Browse button to find upload your artwork.
    When uploaded, the art will show below under the browse button.
    Choose pricing tier. Most designs will fall in the $32 (under 20,000 stitches.)
    Place a po name or number for easy searching later. We are calling this Ignition Drawing Test
    Add coupon number if you have one. If there is a pre-existing sew out you want us to match select Yes in Pre-existing Embroidery, this will allow you to upload an image file here.
    For a 4" width embroidery, in the top button type 4, in the bottom left button, click the arrow to selct Inches (the other choice is mm), and on the bottom right click the arro to choose width or height.
    In Product Type, choose either flats, caps or back of cap text. This will help us know the best way to digitize.
    By choosing the type of material, we know which formula to use for optimal look.
    Your two choices for sew outs are Standard (where we choose any light fabric and colors may not match or Customer ready sew out where you choose the exact colors and exact type and color of material.
    With Machine File, choose the best option for your machine. Most machines work well with dsts. We do not offer pes.
    Choose preference for trims, if you don't know which, the top choice is what most people prefer.
    If your design has enclosed areas the same color as the background, choose whether or not you want those enclosed areas as thread. Yes will fill with thread.
    Choose yes if part of this design is an applique or tackle twill. In most cases it will be a no.
    Type in Notes. This would be something that doesn't necessarily show up in the art, like: Please put logo on a separte color stop.
    Look over the answers and if all looks good, select submit.
    After the submit button a new page will show up. You can add a hat combo at this point. If you choose this option you will ask be asked to go through the questions again.
    At the bottom, will be a chance to add additional files or edit and void the order.
    Click this button.
    Your order number will appear. You can later find your file by looking for the order number or your po.
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