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    IM Vits Affiliate Marketing Setup Guide

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    This guide has been created to show you how the IM Vits affiliate platform works. By setting up an account you can access your sharable links and coupon codes to start earning lifetime commission from your referrals. The aim is to share your links and posts with people who provide injectable vitamins to promote a service that offers approved products and prescriptions.
    If somebody has sent you a referral link to the affiliate platform, please use that link to give them the credit deserved
    To access the affiliate platform navigate to [ ]( or visit <>and click the "AFFILIATE" link from the menu
    Click "Login" or click the "Join Now" button
    Register or enter your login details to sign in. You can also register or sign in using your Google or Facebook account
    Once logged in you can share your Referral Link. Anyone who clicks your referral link and then registers to IM Vits will automatically be linked to your account for life, so you will receive 5% commission from any purchases they make.
    Click "Copy" to share your Referral Link by pasting the link into emails, messages and social posts. You can also use this link in your social profiles and tell people to click that link in your posts.
    You can customise (edit) your referral link by clicking the pencil icon to make it more relevant or memorable to you
    Enter the letters or numbers you want to use in your link and click "Submit"
    You can also share your unique QR Code by clicking this symbol
    Click to "Download" the QR code to share in person, in posts, or add to images
    You can also share your Coupon Code to offer 10% off of first orders. Anyone who uses your coupon code or link will be automatically linked to your account for life, so you will receive 5% commission from any purchases they make.
    Click to "Copy" the code and use in posts, emails or messages. We have also created eye-catching image assets (that you will see in the next steps) that can be used to promote the offer
    Additionally you can refer other people to become affiliates by sharing your Network Link. This works in the same way, where anyone that signs up under your link will earn you commission from people they refer.
    We recommend sharing your "Home Page" link to the affiliate portal. We also have relevant asset images you can use to market becoming an affiliate to others
    You can download image assets from our library to use in social posts, emails and messages along with your links. We will continue to add more image assets over time
    Click the "Marketing Tools" tab to load the image assets
    Scroll down the page to view our range of assets. Click the symbol shown below to open up image options
    Click "Download Media" to use the asset, or try other options in the menu to share etc. This will work better when you have added your social media channels to your profile
    You can click into the other menu tabs to explore more information about your affiliate account

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