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    Import Contacts and Companies using HubSpot

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    Click "Contacts"
    Click "Import"
    Click "Start an import"
    Click "Upload any CSV, XLS, or XLSX files with contact, company, deal, ticket, and product information."
    Click "Next"
    Click one file
    Click "Next"
    Click multiple objects as we have company and contact properties within the import.
    Click "Next"
    Select the two objects you are importing. In this instance it is companies and contacts.
    Click "Next"
    Click "choose a file" and find the file you are importing from your computer files.
    Click "Create and update Companies"
    Choose how to import: "Create and update Companies" in this instance is best as it will create new ones, and update those that already exist.
    Click "Next"
    Click "Contact properties"
    Start Mapping properties. Make sure the right object is selected under the import as column. If it is a contact property make sure you select "Contact properties"
    Click "Contact properties"
    Click "Company properties"
    The mapping tool will automatically select properties if the column title and the property name are the same. I still always recommend checking this to make sure they are accurate. For those that they do not match, select from the dropdown to choose the right property.
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